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Back and forth between homes use to make me sea sick but I’ve learned to love the ocean and how to fight the current

I call this one the reverse duck face đź‘Š

I call this one the reverse duck face đź‘Š

whatchuu know about that bob life? #freshcut (at Alfredo Ray Salon)

whatchuu know about that bob life? #freshcut (at Alfredo Ray Salon)

Found my brother’s old skateboard in our garage and I just couldn’t resist.

Found my brother’s old skateboard in our garage and I just couldn’t resist.


Today I was thinking…

about beauty.

About how we look at ourselves as females and as individuals and it got me thinking about the transformation I have gone through from my fifteen year old days as a freshman in high school to college sophomore. 

There was a time not too long ago where I felt like I had to constantly be someone I just was not. I always felt like I had to look a certain way, wear the right labels, style my hair in a particular way, or sweep my eyeliner on in a perfect line to feel good about myself.

But of course that way of thinking ran out the back door screaming after I realized that I was becoming a clone of secondary school pressures. Now more than ever I can say that I am completely comfortable being myself. That means sporting a clean face, embracing my Cuban-born bushy and sometimes uncontrollable eyebrows, and kooky, usually frizzy head of hair. (Thank you, Leandra Medine and Lorde).That’s who I am. I thank god I have learned to embrace what makes me a little odd or out of the ordinary. 

Today actually marks three weeks exactly without a single drop or swipe of makeup across my face, not even my beloved falsies mascara. Honestly… I have never felt better about myself. Being able to feel comfortable in my own, natural skin is one of the most electrifying feelings. I’m my own definition of beautiful and that’s pretty badass in my opinion.

My dad just recently retired and I spent my winter vacation in Ormond Beach, FL with him. Absolutely no room for complaints- look at that beautiful beach! Of course, it wasn’t bikini weather just yet but it was still breathtaking. I could definitely get use to calling Florida my third home (after New York and DC)! 

everythingwasbetter-deactivated asked: I just want to start of by saying that I love your blog, you definitely have a knack for writing. I know you're a business major at FIT, but what program are you in? Maybe FMM or AMC? Those seem to be the most popular. Other than that, I was just wondering if you design, work on photography, or anything on the more "creative" side in your free time? (Aside from writing, that is!) I'll shut up after this, and I know it's kinda crazy to ask, but what is your "dream job"?

Thank you, you’re very sweet! As far as FIT goes, I’m a 4th semester AMC major. I love it because you get a little taste of everything: marketing, pr, advertising, journalism— everything! Which is great for me, cause I constantly change my mind! Luckily through a couple of my classes I have had the opportunity to dabble in graphic design and layout design which I really love. InDesign is one of my favorite tools! I hope to master photoshop soon, but one thing at a time!

Besides writing (obviously!), I work as a stylist at Free People Rock Center. I’m also working as a music publicity intern this semester which is something very new to me, but I’m really excited to dabble in the music world! Oh, and I dance. I’m training to become a dance fitness instructor which is a little different but something I’m really passionate about!

My “dream job” is such a hard question! There are so many things I want to do with my life but my dream (so far) combines my love of writing with my love of alternative/rock music, fashion, and Free People. I don’t know what kind of job that is just yet, but that would be magical. Another dream of mine is to work at Free People’s Home Office in Philadelphia. But who knows what the future holds!


The Middle: Three Major Lessons (Almost) Two Years at FIT Have Taught Me

It has been 467 days since my parents dropped me off in front of FIT’s doors. That is roughly 11,000 hours of my life spent as a business student at one of the top fashion schools in the country, if not the world.

In that time I have faced more here than any amount of time spent outside of New York before my college years. It’s true what they say: New York will eat you up and spit your pretty little self back out on the concrete. But, looking back from the half way point I finally understand what they mean when they say you will come out the other side a better, tougher, and even more stylish person. Being at FIT is the same deal. You are constantly surrounded by people with the drive of a Duracell bunny and the talent to match. There really is no better place to grow and get a serious reality check. Here are three very important lessons that as a sophomore going into her fourth semester can lay on you.

Lesson #1: Heels to a Monday 8 AM are NEVER a good idea.

Everyone thinks it before they come to fashion school: we all run around all hours of the morning and night in our best 6-inch stilettos. Wrong. Expectation: we drown ourselves in the biggest labels, the greatest designers, and are always dressed to the nines at all possible moments. We don’t believe in even going to the deli down the street without a full face of makeup and our Louboutins. Reality: alongside rent, tuition, and paying to live in a city that robs you of at least twenty dollars every time you step out your apartment doors, we go for affordable (but chic, of course) looks. Look around your morning classes and what will you see? Undoubtedly a group of twenty something’s that look like… wait for it. Normal college students. Ok, maybe not your typical sweatpants and hoodie duds, but we certainly don’t (all) look like we just stepped off the set of The Real Housewives. Fashion students are people too.

Lesson #2: Everything you think you already know is wrong.

We’re all guilty of it— we’ve watched The Devil Wears Prada a million and one times and can quote every line from every episode of Sex and the City so of course we think we know it all. It’s okay, it happened. It’s over. Time to move forward. Living and working in New York is not always like the movies. I can guarantee that working in the fashion industry is not what you think. One of the greatest things I have learned in my three internships thus far is to always listen and absorb everything happening around you, and throw everything you think you know out the window. Everyone starts at the same place: the bottom. You are not entitled to anything when you are just starting out, so be prepared to learn, learn, learn and work, work, work.

Lesson #3: Nothing is handed to you, ever.

I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, or however many connections you have coming into fashion school, we all have to prove that we have the drive, the passion, and the commitment to go after what we want. It’s a hard-knock and often times stressful life as a fashion student. You’ve got to remember that nothing happens by just waiting around and hoping. You have to make the effort. Pick up the phone, send an email, and scour the Internet to find out what you need in order to move forward. For every internship you apply to, there are seas of other candidates that want that spot. For every paper or article you write, there are twenty others for your professor to read. You aren’t ever going to be handed the opportunity of a lifetime, you’ve got to create the opportunities for yourself because once you get there it will feel a hundred more times as satisfying. Trust me.

Note: This article was written as part of my final project for my fashion journalism class in December 2013.

Anonymous asked: I just want to let you know that you're a phenomenal writer. Very entertaining :)

Thank you, love. I really appreciate the kind words! Xx